Applying Real-World Infection Prevention to ECRI Endoscope Evaluations

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This continuing education course reviews how patient safety organization ECRI’s endoscope evaluations process can impart knowledge to help hospital sterile processing departments achieve improved endoscope cleaning, disinfection and sterilization outcomes.

NOTE: This course was part of the 2022 Symposium on Infection Prevention and Control, developed by Keystone Media Inc. in partnership with Healthcare Hygiene magazine.

EXPERT INSTRUCTORS: Erin Sparnon, Margaret Miller and Mairead Smith


  1. Articulate real world challenges of endoscope reprocessing.
  2. Navigate the shifting product and regulatory landscape.
  3. Apply real-world observations and concerns to endoscope assessment.
  4. Identify key use cases where single-use endoscopes and endoscope components may offer meaningful benefits to patients and healthcare facilities.