Clean Solutions is a series of continuing education coursework that provides practical, science-driven strategies relating to infection prevention and control imperatives. 

This first course, Clean Solutions: Prioritizing Infection Prevention and Safety in Laundry Practices, is presented by experts Greg Gicewicz and Missy Travis, and developed with Keystone Continuing Education, LLC/Keystone Media Inc. 

The primary goal of this inaugural course in a comprehensive series for healthcare stakeholders, is to educate the audience on the fundamentals of healthcare linen in the broader spectrum of healthcare service delivery. We will focus on linen in the context of infection prevention, healthcare operations, and finance. We will underscore the potential hazards associated with non-compliant linen processes, emphasizing the impact on patient safety. Throughout the course, participants will learn effective mitigation strategies, helping them to establish and maintain a compliant linen program for their facility.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

1.  Define the fundamentals of healthcare linen handling across the spectrum of healthcare service delivery.

2. Describe the role of linen handling and processing as it relates to infection  prevention, healthcare operations, and finance.

3. Detect potential hazards associated with non-compliant linen processes.

4. Develop a successful linen handling program.

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Meet Your Expert Instructors

Meet Greg Gicewicz of Compliance Shark

Gregory Gicewicz is the president/CEO of Compliance Shark – the nation’s leading business compliance platform. A tireless advocate for increasing awareness of the significant role that having high standards in the processing of healthcare laundry, he is the former president of the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) and the former president/CEO of Sterile Surgical Systems. He also contributes to the Healthcare Textiles & Laundry column in Healthcare Hygiene magazine. 

Meet Missy Travis of IP&C Consulting

Missy Travis, MSN, RN, CIC, is the founder of IP&C Consulting LLC, a consulting company that assists other infection preventionists, business owners, healthcare facilities, and sports teams develop an effective infection prevention program. She is also a consultant for APIC Consulting. She has 20+ years of experience focusing on infection prevention techniques and has been board certified in infection control since 2003. She also serves as an advisor for Compliance Shark.